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One in four people will need mental health care in their lifetime globally. Sadly, 75% of all mental health disorders develop by the age of 25.

We are co-designing an Open Manifesto and a set of Guiding Principles to promote youth mental health and wellbeing to help guide the World YMCA to shape a sustainable and trusted relationship with young people. The idea is that by changing the conversation, perceptions, and attitudes, ultimately the culture and behaviour towards mental health will evolve.

We need your help to do this!

The set of Guiding Principles below are a start on how we focus on the needs of young people and their community. Want to contribute more to the conversation?


Access and empathy

Giving young people access to engage and interact with their community helping them to understand their community’s perspectives on mental wellbeing

Creating safe spaces

Supporting inclusive environments and diverse cultures, designing for differences in thoughts, feelings, comments and opinions

Trust through relationships

Recognising young people learn from, finding common ground to connect in meaningful ways

Insight and knowledge

Giving young people the opportunity to make sense of their mental wellbeing and experiences

Respect the individual

The mental wellbeing of young people is not just a priority but a human right

Being seen and heard

Giving young people the opportunity to make sense of their mental wellbeing and experiences

Put mental health first, because if you don’t, then you’re not going to enjoy your sport and you’re not going to succeed as mush as you want to. So, it’s okay sometimes to even sit out the big competitions to focus on yourself because it shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are, rather than just battle through it.

– Simone Biles